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Comfort Cabs uses a state of the art computer dispatch system to efficiently direct and monitor its taxis. By utilizing GPS dispatch, Comfort Cabs can offer the quickest and most efficient service to its customers by sending the closest taxi during peak periods.

Comfort Cab is comprised of owners from the industry; actual drivers of taxis. They bring a balanced understanding of customer service from both the end traveler and the taxi operator perspectives.

Comfort Cab Ltd will operate with one goal in mind: to pick up where existing taxi companies fall short. Customer service and satisfaction will guide Comfort Cabs decision making process and will set this company apart. Comfort Cab will use a state of the art dispatch system to offer customers quick and efficient transportation, while minimizing the costs to our drivers. With the use of GPS dispatch, Comfort Cab will offer a combination of closet cab and zonal dispatch, offering customers the closest available taxi in order to minimize wait times. From the taxi operator’s perspective, this will minimize empty kilometers, ensuring that revenue is maximized by minimizing costs. A combination of automated and human call taking will minimize wait times for customers, ensuring that their taxi experience is satisfactory from the first point of contact.

Convenient Payment Options!

Comfort Cabs is able to process all debit and credit cards in-vehicle! Choose the most convenient method for you!

Payment options in-vehicle: Interac, Visa, Mastercard

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